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Comprehensive dental offer

The prices are indicative, depends on the diagnosis and treatment plan accepted by the patient.

Prices valid from 02.01.2020



Relaxation rail300 zł
Splinting of teeth50 zł / tooth


Tooth20 zł
Panoramic (digital)100 zł


Ultrasonic scaling + fluoridation250 zł
Sandblasting + fluoridation250 zł
Scaling + sandblasting + fluoridation300 zł
Kids dentistry

Kids dentistry

Sealing furrows100 zł
Filling in a milk tooth100 zł
Removal of the milk tooth 100 zł


Inspection / Anesthesia FREE
Composite filling200-400 zł
Medicinal bandage200 zł


Devitalisation ("poisoning" a tooth)200 zł
Ząb 1-kanałowy600 zł
Ząb 2-kanałowy 800 zł
Ząb 3-kanałowy1000 zł
Additional canal 200 zł


Porcelain crown on the foundation of a metal1000 zł
Zirconium crown1500 zł
Porcelain veneers1500 zł
Skeletal denture3000 zł
Elastic denture2500 zł
Acrylic denture1500 zł
Dental surgery

Dental surgery

Tooth removing200-350 zł
Tooth extraction (8)350-1000 zł
Resection800 zł
Closure of oro-sinus500 zł
Plastic lips or tongue frenulum250 zł
Alveoloplasty350 zł
Abscess incision250 zł
Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus2000 - 3500 zł


Implant + crown 4500-5500 zł
Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

Overlay whitening800 zł
Cabinet whitening by Beyond lamp800 zł
Dead tooth whitening200 zł / pierwsza wizyta, 50 zł / kolejna wizyta


Permanent iron braces 2000-2400 zł (jeden łuk)
Aparat stały estetyczny3000-3500 zł (jeden łuk)
Removing bracesFREE
Permanent retainer400 zł ( one arc )
Additional braces (dystalizer, rotator, expander) 700-1300 zł
Control visit100-150 zł
Gluing the zipper50 zł
Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine

Botulinum toxin (Botox, Azzalure)

The use of botulinum toxin is the most popular method for smoothing wrinkles, mainly in the upper part of the face (ie. Mimic Wrinkles).

Usually we use botulinum toxin to remove:

  • transverse wrinkles of forehead,
  • vertical wrinkles among eyebrows,
  • crow’s feet around eyes.
Botulinum toxin 1 area500 zł
Botulinum toxin 2 areas700 zł
Botulinum toxin 3 areas900 zł

Hyaluronic acid

Preparations containing hyaluronic acid injected into skin effectively:

  • fills its deficiency,
  • moisturizes the skin,
  • fills wrinkles,
  • enlarges capacity,
  • models lips,
  • corrects facial contours,
  • stimulates the natural regenerative processes of the skin, so that even after absorbing the preparation skin looks better than before surgery.
1 ampułka 1ml600 zł